About us

 If you don't know the industry timeline, hit that Google box.

Bling’s Cycles is a tight shop lead by Bill Dodge based in Daytona Beach, Florida, where you can find Bill, at any given time, dividing himself between a dozen lifts. 

Bling’s Cycles is a place someone can come to acquire a truly one-off, affordable custom motorcycle that not only is aesthetically O.G. as they come but is also built to ride regularly, ride fast, perform and last.  We do not provide an assembly line of production models or attempt to suck up the lime light.  Instead, we deliver sustainable, custom motorcycles, backed by decades of industry experience, affordable and tailored individually to the working man and woman.  If you’re fortunate enough to become a client, you will likely remain a client for about thirty minutes. After that time, you are a friend for life and happy to own a timeless machine with deep details that you may later find containing hidden meanings, relative to you personally, milled into some of its parts.

Bill is recognized and repeatedly invited to national and international builder showcases and returns home with best of show trophies duct taped to his fender rails, yet perpetually remains grounded in what he loves to do:  Ride fast American motorcycles, and provide products, made in the USA, solid and rare as diamonds.


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